DiversCape-Sagres, Algarve.

Diving in Sagres

Explore Sagres underwater. Our professional PADI dive team will show you the wonders of the underwater world. We offer beginner PADI dive courses and technical dive courses.

All of our diving and snorkeling is done in the natural park, south west Alentejano and vicentina coast. We offer a vareity of dive sites from caves to canyons, caves and passages, all within recreational diving limits so that every diver can enjoy the dives. For more information on the natural Park, please refer to the website of


Our knowledge

Due to a diverse and dedicated team we have a spread out knowlegde and skill set. With more than 15 years of work experience combined, we are able to offer a various amount of services to our geusts. Besides the wide range of courses you can follow with us, we offer Equipment servicing at an economical price.



Explore diving with us.

Discover Scuba Diving

Do the PADI Discover Scuba Diving and find out all about diving in half a day activity. You will learn the basics and enjoy a sea dive.


Become a certified diver.

PADI Open Water Diver

If you want to become an independant diver with a certification for life, then do the PADI OpenWaterDiver. This certification will let you go untill 18 meters of depth with a buddy and is valid all over the world.


In the table below you can find all the courses we offer and the prices for certified divers.

Button Button
Type Description Price
Bubblemaker An experience in the pool for children from 8y.half day 75€
Discover Scuba Diving Learn basic scuba skills and try them out in the sea! half day 95€ on shore or 115€ By boat
Diving Courses
Type Description Price
Scuba Diver/Junior Learn the fundamentals of scuba Diving and earn a certificate! (2 Days) 265€
Open water/Junior Diver Earn a full certification that lasts for life! (4 days) 465€
Adventure Diver/Junior ( 1 day ) Try out a speciality and discover where Diving can bring you. (1 day) 210€
Advanced Open Water / Junior Try out 5 specielties and be earn the next level certification in 5 days time! 335€
Adventure – Advanced Open Water Finish your Advanced with us in 1 day! 140€
Rescue Diver Become a safer diver by learning how to respond in a serieus but fun course! (3 days) 390€
First Aid Courses
Type Description Price
Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care A full day that teaches you basics and advanced skills to react in emergency situations/ 140€
Emergency First Response Primary Care Learn the first basics of Emergency care giving. 105€
Emergency First Response Secondary Care Build on your primary care knowledge in halve a day. 99€
Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care For Children 1 day course for a better understanding in specific emergencies 199€
Emergency First Response Primary Care And AED 1 day course for a better understanding in specific emergencies 115€
Emergency First Response Instructor 1 day to become able to teach others how to react in an emergencie! 415€
Specialty Courses
Type Description Price
Deep Diver Start exploring the depths up untill 40m! (2 days) 270€
Enriched Air Nitrox For more bottom time to our Nitrox course. (1 day/2 day) 140€ No dives / 190€ 2 dives.
Peak Performance Buoyancy Become a master of Buoyancy. (1 day) 165€
Equipment Specialist Learn your equipment better. (1 day) 165€
Night Diver Learn how to navigate in the dark and explore another world.( 2 days) 235€
Sidemount Diver 2 days 310€
Search & Recovery Learn how to find lost objects in a fun course! (2 days) 260€
Digital Underwater Photographer Learn how to take the best pictures underwater (1 day) 235€
Emergency Oxygen Provider Know how to handle in an emergency. (halve day) 135€
Wreck diver Explore sunken Wrecks. (2 days) 299€
Technical Courses
Type Description Price
Discover Tec Want to learn what it is about? But not yet sure if you like it? Then this course is perfect! (Half day) 65€
Tec 40 3 days 360€
Tec 45 3 days 410€
Tec 45 TMx 1 day 235€
Tec 50 4 days 510€
Tec 50 TMx 1 day 260€
Tec 65 TMx 4 days 910€
Tec TMx 4 days 960€
Tec sidemount 3 days 435€
Tec Gas Blender Nitrox 2 days 260€
Tec Gas Blender trimix 3 days 340€
Fun Diving for certified divers.
Type Description Price
1 Dive Boat (equipment not included) Morning 55€
1 Dive Boat (equipment included) Morning 65€
2 Dive Boat (equipment not included) Morning 85€
2 Dive Boat (equipment included) Morning 105€
6 Dive Boat (equipment not included) 3 Days 225€
6 Dive Boat (equipment included) 3 Days 265€
10 Dive Boat (equipment not included) 3 Days 335€
10 Dive Boat (equipment included) 3 Days 415€
Diving Equipment Rental 40€
Snorkel Equipment Rental 1 day 40€
Scuba review Go over the basics again to refresh. ( half a day) 55€
Reactivate For divers who have been out of the water for a long time. (1 day) 115€

(Due to Covid-19 all activities that rent the regulator, have an extra cost of 5 euros)

Location & Contact


Diverscape is located in the back of the marina in Sagres.


We reply within 24h to your messages by mail. But you can always contact us at the number

+351 965559073 (Call to national mobile network)

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